Young Man's Bedroom

This small bedroom (10m2) belongs to a young man who wanted a relaxing, calm space with a Nature theme. He is a sportsman and needed some storage for his trophies and medals. There was a desk in the bedroom before, which took up a lot of space. The young man sometimes needed a surface to work on but actually didn’t use the desk. The solution was to take out the desk, freeing up space in the room for a comfortable armchair and some storage, and to have two tray tables, that can be moved around and used either sitting up on the bed (a covered mattress that can sleep visiting friends is used as a back rest turning the bed into a large sofa area) or in the armchair or combined to provide a larger surface to work on. A glass cabinet displays his trophies and medals without gathering too much dust. Using a tree motif wallpaper and green and grey paint, the space has a sleeping zone surrounded by trees and a working/sitting zone with colourful storage units. A leaf motif carpet unites the two zones.
Le Rouret (06 Alpes-Maritimes)

  • maximises a small space
  • natural decor with a young feel
  • trophy display case

Some photos taken before the renovations



I called upon Chris to re-do my bedroom. I was looking for a relaxing atmosphere with Nature as the theme. The result is astonishing! She cleverly used paint effects and wallpaper to zone the room responding to my functional requirements, while keeping to the desired atmosphere. She sourced furniture that corresponded with my needs whilst keeping to budget. She will not disappoint.

Sam MH